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CFS provides a high quality, fast turnaround service for propeller overhaul and repairs from our dedicated team of propeller technicians.

Within the propeller section we have the capability to provide:

  • Prop Blade straightening
  • Prop Re-pitching
  • Prop Repairs
  • Prop Overhaul
  • De-ice boot repairs / replacement
  • SB / AD Compliance
  • Static Balancing
  • Field service engineers for on-site repairs

We hold approvals to undertake propeller overhaul, propeller repair and AD compliance for a wide range of propellers including, but not limited to MT, McCauley, Hartzell, Sensenich, de Havilland, Dowty Rotol, Ratier, Curtis and Hamilton Standard.

The quality of our prop overhaul and prop repair service has provided CFS with an excellent reputation for propeller work not only with UK clients but with a rapidly developing international client base.

Fixed Pitch Propeller Overhaul

Offering a highly competitive level of service, CFS Aero also offer a fixed pitch propeller overhaul service for only £750. Due to lowering costs and improving processes, the overhaul service is the best value service in the UK. Simply call or complete the enquiry form below for more information.

MT Propellers

Since CFS Aero was appointed as a certified MT Propeller repair and overhaul centre it has assisted many clients from both the UK and overseas in all aspects of blade repairs, composite work and prop overhauls for a wide range of aircraft from standard variable pitch MT props to high performance aerobatic MT props.

Hartzell Propellers

CFS Aero has a long standing reputation both in repair and overhaul of Hartzell propellers. Our prop overhaul technicians have many years working with all types of Hartzell propeller fitted aircraft and we ensure the best market price and the fastest turnaround for all our Hartzell prop overhaul work.

McCauley Propellers

CFS Aero offers the cheapest and fastest turnaround for all McCauley propeller repair and propeller overhaul in the UK market. We are able to overhaul all series of McCauley propellers and continue to build on our reputation of quality work, excellent client service and fast turnaround.

Sensenich Propellers

CFS Aero now offer the cheapest and fastest turnaround on fixed pitch prop overhauls in the UK. Be it a Sensenich or McCauley fixed pitch prop we guarantee the best price and service in the UK. Following a major engineering and process upgrade in the fixed pitch prop section of CFS Aero in late 2012 we are now the market leader in fixed pitch repairs and fixed pitch overhauls.


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"It's a nightmare trying to find someone to trust, then finding somewhere who can do it all, to save running round getting different work done at different places. In the end we made the right choice, you did an excellent job on our engine and propeller, and then the added bonus was being able to sort out our nose-leg which was also damaged. A great job, done at a great price and even better, delivered on time."

Neil Edgeley, KeyWest Air Charter Ltd.